Powdered Sugar Lemon Drop Cookies And other Summertime Stories, Music and Songs
Summertime is here! A fun, moving collection of personal stories, folktales, modern myths and songs revolving our favorite time of year – summer!

This moving personal story behind the storyteller is a tribute to Kirk's late wife, LaWana. You will be moved and inspired as Kirk's Lost Angel is brought back to life through the power of storytelling. 30% of each CD sale will be donated to charity to help fight breast cancer, so there may be one less Lost Angel.





BUT WHY? Stories, Music and Songs - Parent's Choice GOLD 

Don't miss Kirk Waller's exciting awared-winning assortment of pourquoi stories from around the world in his latest CD, But Why? The entire family will enjoy stories, music and singing as Kirk answers all of those tough questions that kids love to ask! 

"Drawing from several traditional tales in folklore and creating new and original stories, Waller ingeniously entertains audiences with his combination of energizing character voices and musical enrichment." - Parent's Choice


Do you know how the very first storm came to be? Sister and Water and Misses Wind, Kirk Waller's first children's book, is a delightful and comforting story that begins in a peaceful age before there were storms in the earth.

As the Wind and Water fuss over their children, Mamas and Papas all over the earth comfort their little ones. This beautifully illustrated 26-page picture book, inspired from an old african-American folktale, recounts how the very first storm came to be. For the young and young at heart. Get your copy today securely through PayPal.


Don't miss Kirk Waller's first CD, Quack, Gabble, Squawk and Other Animal Tales. Kirk spins a wonderful collection of both well known and unknown animal stories with his own musical and engaging, down home storytelling style.

All ages will enjoy retold classics such as Curly Locks and the Macaroni and Cheese or the Pork Chop Trio. You will also hear Southern and African-American Folktales such as Quack, Gabble, Squawk and Sister Water and Misses Wind). Seven delightful tales in all for your listening pleasure.